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Grad school struggles for LJ Idol

I returned to grad school last year, to get a degree in Digital Humanities. The first year went well, but this term, due to scheduling concerns, I could only take one course, on Technology and Pedagogy, and that course was a disaster area.So, I met with my program's department chair to discuss my issues.

Chair: You're having problems with the course?
Me: Yes. I just don't think we're accomplishing anything. In all my other courses here, by this time of the semester, I could say 'I learned this' or 'I did that'. I can't do that here.
Chair: Huh.
Me: And for a course that supposed to be about technology and pedagogy, we've talked about technology some, but we haven't discussed pedagogy AT ALL.
Chair: That's odd.
Me: We're seven weeks in! And when we do eventually discuss pedagogy, we'll only be discussing the theories of one person.
Chair: ... so what are they* discussing?
Me: They're discussing the history of public universities in the United States.
Chair: Really?
Me: They also said they want us to be "radical teachers".
Chair: What does that mean?
Me: I don't know. They never defined it. It's just... what they're discussing doesn't match up to the course.
Chair: Okay, I understand that you are frustrated by this class...
Me: Oh, yeah. Oh, and the readings are terrible. (I pull out a reading) Look at this.

The author of this reading decided to randomly change font size in the middle of sentences, bold and fade out part of words and right justify everything. It was unreadable.

Chair: Oh. Wow. No.
Me: See? See?
Chair: You realize that the university won't pay for the class if you withdraw.
Me: Yes. And I still want out.
Chair: Are you sure.
Me: This is going to sound arrogant, but I should not be sitting in a graduate-level class thinking to myself "I can teach it better than they are."
Chair: You're right. You shouldn't. We'll get you out of that class.

And the paperwork was processed.

*This class is being team taught by two professors.
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