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dino head

LJ Idol Intro

I'm a geek. And proud of it. Here is a sample conversation between me and a colleague:

Colleague: We went on a cruise!
Me: That sounds like fun.
Coll: We spent all night in the clubs, and (a mutual friend) was such a slut.
Me: Well, what happens at sea, stays at sea.
Coll: I'd love to get you out there. So you could shake what your mam gave you.
Me: A lifelong love of learning and reading? I'm... not sure how exactly one shakes that.
Coll: (judgemental sigh)
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Here you will get a chance to "shake" your love of books and reading and the writing they inspire in you.

To misquote Murray Head that is exactly the type of mate we are contemplating.
Being with crowds of other people whom I don't know on a cruise sounds like hell to me. I don't understand why I used to think I wanted to go on one. I think I'd get clausterphobic! Well...maybe, just a small Alaskan one with people I know. Or, if it were free and I'd already been on the diet. :)

you don't want to shake that! or, maybe shake it up with different things to learn and read about...
Nothing wrong with a love of learning or reading.
Hahaha-- you tell him. :)

Given that this was a colleague, and not just a friend... one of you may be in the wrong profession. If you don't love learning and reading, are you really suited to be a teacher?