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For LJ Idol -- a patchwork heart

A few weeks ago, my mom had a heart attack. Mom was having chest pains, but decided to go to church first, then go to the hospital. While they were putting the electrodes on her, she coded. Fifteen minutes later, she coded again. She was revived both times. They out stents in and now, she's home, recuperating now, and things are going fine, but it was not fun for a few days there.

Of course, my family being the people we are, reacted in our own special ways.

When I got the phone call, my first reaction was, "Mom can't die yet... I only have, like, three days' worth of clean clothes right now."

Not "Should I look up flights home?", not "Do you need me to call anyone"... nope.

I mean, as thoughts in an emergency go, "Do I have enough clean clothes to deal with it?" is a pretty good one. It's just not what I would have figured my initial reaction to be.

After the stents were put in and everything calmed down, then we kicked into high gear.

Nephew: I think you just did this for attention.
Mom: I'm going to hurt you.
Nephew: Oh, please, you just got out of the hospital.
Mom: Just stay where you are. I'll get there eventually.

Then, one of my sisters pointed out that mom is such a control freak that she even planned her heart attack. It couldn't happen until after she went to church, and then, she made sure she was in the Emergency Room when it happened.

I have to agree, that is some advanced level planning.

Mom threatened to hurt her, too.

When I told mom that I knew she getting better because she was threatening us again, she laughed.

So, this is my family, laughing our way through life whenever possible.
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