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dino head

For LJ Idol -- a patchwork heart

A few weeks ago, my mom had a heart attack. Mom was having chest pains, but decided to go to church first, then go to the hospital. While they were putting the electrodes on her, she coded. Fifteen minutes later, she coded again. She was revived both times. They out stents in and now, she's home, recuperating now, and things are going fine, but it was not fun for a few days there.

Of course, my family being the people we are, reacted in our own special ways.

When I got the phone call, my first reaction was, "Mom can't die yet... I only have, like, three days' worth of clean clothes right now."

Not "Should I look up flights home?", not "Do you need me to call anyone"... nope.

I mean, as thoughts in an emergency go, "Do I have enough clean clothes to deal with it?" is a pretty good one. It's just not what I would have figured my initial reaction to be.

After the stents were put in and everything calmed down, then we kicked into high gear.

Nephew: I think you just did this for attention.
Mom: I'm going to hurt you.
Nephew: Oh, please, you just got out of the hospital.
Mom: Just stay where you are. I'll get there eventually.

Then, one of my sisters pointed out that mom is such a control freak that she even planned her heart attack. It couldn't happen until after she went to church, and then, she made sure she was in the Emergency Room when it happened.

I have to agree, that is some advanced level planning.

Mom threatened to hurt her, too.

When I told mom that I knew she getting better because she was threatening us again, she laughed.

So, this is my family, laughing our way through life whenever possible.


Sending healing wishes for you mom! Hugs...
I really appreciate this family. Mine is just so serious.

I'm relieved that everything more or less worked out.
I'm glad your mom is doing better. That has to have been scary for everyone.

Mom: Just stay where you are. I'll get there eventually.
Hahaha! A sense of humor really helps in times like these, and it's a sign her spirits are good. :)
I'm glad your mother is doing better. She has a real sense of humor! In emergencies like this, some families fall apart. Yours gets funny. Not a bad thing, really, to laugh your way through a crisis. How would your mother handle the end of the world? Apocalypse jokes?
Wow. Admittedly, she did have some great timing on her!
My heart goes out to you and I wish your mom a speedy recovery!! <3

I love the family dynamic here because it reminds me so much of my family!! <3

"When I told mom that I knew she getting better because she was threatening us again, she laughed."

This is definitly an interaction I could see happening (and have seen happen) with my crazy bunch!! <3

This was a really enjoyable read for me!! <3 *hugs*
My family is similar, cracking jokes about the hurt.

I'm glad your Mom is doing better, and am certain she'll get to your nephew sooner or later.
Sending healing thoughts!

Your family does sound an awful lot like mine. I remember the night before my grandfather had his leg amputated, we had a little party. It was a good bye party for his leg.

Or, the other day my coworker was saying that she already knew what she was getting her dad for Father's Day. I asked if she wanted to know what I was getting my dad. She said she did, and I replied, "Nothing. He's dead." Then I giggled for a few minutes after.

I'm sorry about your mom. I'm glad they were able to revive her. They're doing wonders with heart surgery these days. Hugs and peace~~~
I didn't know your mom had a heart attack. That must have been scary. Glad she is feeling much better.
Hehe.. Now I know where you get your sense of humor from :)Wishing your mom a speedy recovery. *Hugs*
Morbid and odd humor in times of stress, that's how my family rolls. lol

After the house fire my husband and I had in 2008, I was canceling the Orkin service. The lady on the phone asked my why. I told her my house burned down the other day and started laughing. She seemed offended and told that wasn't a laughing matter. My comment was 'it's my house, I'll laugh if I want to!'
The love comes through in your family's humor.
I don't think laughter is the best medicine. I still believe medicine is! But laughter is no placebo, that's for sure! Good wishes to your mom and your whole family!
Best wishes to your mom on a speedy recovery!
I hope your mom is doing better! She sounds like a fun gal. :)
Oh wow! So sorry for what your mom went through-never easy! I adore your family's spirit! I adore the fun of your love for one another. Kudos, and best wishes for your mom's recovery.