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For LJ Idol -- That One Friend

Back in the day, I had this friend Anna.

Anna was a raging anti-Semite and racist, but really loved gay guys.

I'm not sure how this happened... maybe she just listed groups of people to hate and threw darts?

She even had the "special voice" she would use when she would discuss Jewish women: it was high pitched and nasally, and wildly offensive.

Yes, we tried to tell her not to do that, but she thought she was being hysterical.

You're probably asking "Why didn't he just cut Anna out of his life?" I don't know. We were all aware that she was like this, but, outside of telling her when she was out of line, we didn't do much.

Well, a few of us were planning to go see Schindler's List, and she decided to join us.

No one knew why. I mean, a few of us thought, "Is she going to root for the Germans?", but we didn't say anything.

As we were going to the theater, she said that she couldn't wait to see Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes.

Okay, so that question was answered.

If you haven't seen Schindler's List on the big screen, you should, at least once. It was an amazing, moving film. After the movie, the audience filed out silently, which I had never seen before.

We headed over to Denny's for a late dinner, but none if use really said much at the table.

After a few minutes of silence, this happened:

Anna: Well, I know how I would have survived...
Everyone else: ...
Anna: I would have just left.
Me: WHAT? Left what?
Anna: The camp.
Me: You realize those camps were heavily guarded, right?
Anna: I'm sure I could have snuck out at night.
Me: I... I... okay. Say you actually managed to escape without getting shot. Then what?
Anna: I would walk to where the Allies were.
Me: ... In a war zone. With no supplies. And no reliable transportation.
Anna: The Von Trapps did it.
Me (visibly boggled): Okay... you realize that they were not actually in a camp, right?
Anna: So?
Me: And that they were close to Switzerland. This camp was in Poland. That's not that close.
Anna: It's Europe. Europe's tiny. How far could it be?
Me: (getting irritated) How would you know what direction to go in? How would you survive?
Anna: Europe has rivers, so I'd have water, and I'd just stop in towns for food.
Me: (angry) You mean like restaurants? You do not understand life in a war zone.
Anna: I know I can do it...
At this point one of our dinner companions chimed in to change the subject, and Anna started discussing how hot Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes were.
Anna and I no longer talk. We lost track of one another over twenty years ago, and I'm not particularly upset about that.


I never would have made it past the, "I'm sure I could have snuck out at night." I would have screamed, "You think none of those other people would have done that if they could?!?"
Yeah, talking to her was like taking to a wall.

Oh man! She sounds like some of the students you teach!

You are sadly not that far off.
I can see why you lost track of Anna. You have a real talent for writing dialog that lets people impale themselves with their approximate words. I assume the dialog is re-created. You do the same with your students. I love to read your entries.
Thank you.

In this case, the dialog is a complete invention. I do not remember any of it.

With the encounters with students or other faculty... well, those are edited and altered some, though not as much as you might think.
Wow, I could not have put up with her as long as you and your friends did. The bigotry would have been a dealbreaker early on.

The idea that people died in concentration camps because it just did not occur to them to leave is infuriating, and everything that followed after that was even stupider. Good grief!
I wish I could say "Oh, we didn't realize she was like this", but we absolutely did.

I think part o fit was that most of my college friends (and me, too) were so isolated or rejected throughout their lives that, when we found people who liked us, we tended to hold onto them, even when shit like this went down.
It continues to amaze me that the people you write about are not actually six years old. No- wait. My six year old is smarter than most of them.

*shakes her head*
I'm surprised you had not previously asked yourself prior to this point, "Wait, why am I friends with this person again???" I'm guessing she just attached herself to your circle like a leech, and no one knew how to tell her to buzz off. Ugh. I'm glad you have no qualms about telling people where to go now.
Actually, she was the fag hag of one of my gay friends.

So, if he was involved, so was she.

Having said that, we did put up with her. I can;t really offer an excuse for that.
I made interesting flail-y gestures at this. What the actual hell.
Thank you for giving me a laugh.
I can't even...I just...huh? Wow.

I had a friend in high school that asked, after discussing Pearl Harbor, "Why didn't they just try to escape and swim to California when the Japanese attacked? It's not that far!"

Some people. I don't blame you for not missing her.
Oh, what with the internet and all, I have looked up many people who I drifted away from.

She is not one of them.
I would have lost track of Anna as well. When she stated that she knew how she would have survived my head would have blown up and I would probably would have walked out and never looked back.

Edited at 2016-12-08 12:13 am (UTC)
Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh... Yeah, so Anna sounds like a winner.
Oh, this is just the worst of many, many infuriatingly stupid stories involving her.
Better off without her :)
Absolutely. Losing track of Anna is not one of those things I regret.
She must have thought the Jewish people were incredibly dumb. All they needed to do was just walk on outta there! Maybe they could have done a polka past the SS guard.

Of course, there are a lot of misinformed people all over our nation. But at least they're going to films like "Schindler's List" for all the right reasons...
Wow I could not have dealt with her as well as you did!
Astonishing but, on the other hand, not really surprising!