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Well. It's about time.

Professor apologizes/repudiates reparative therapy study.

Reparative therapy, for those who don't know, is also known as "praying away the gay".

Because God hates gay people. And if we just tried hard enough, we could be heterosexual or at least stay in the closet. Because that's what God wants.

While this admission of wrongness is nice, given the sheer amount of damage that this study and the whole "pray away the gay" thing has wrought, I have a hard time accepting the apology.

ESPECIALLY when you know that those who use their religion as an excuse for homophobic bigotry will ignore what was said here.

I am tempted to post this on FB to see what the more conservative people I know say. (As in the people I know who actively supported Rick Santorum's presidential run.)


And somewhere in Minnesota, Michelle Bachmann's husband is having a mighty snit fit over this. After all, there goes his business!

And somewhere in Iowa, Bob Vander Plaats is also having a fit.

Me? I'm just laughing at their misery, as well as the misery of those like them.

It;s just... even my family knew better than to suggest this for me.
"And if we just tried hard enough, we could ... at least stay in the closet."
The churches' version of don't ask, don't tell?

While I agree with you that those people who like to use their religion as a moral support for why being an asshole bigot is a-ok, I'm more interested in the fact that atheists have another item to add to the list that prayer doesn't work on.

If you can't pray the gay away, god is obviously ok with it, right? I'm down with that.
I honestly think God has more important things to deal with than whether or not I have a boyfriend.
Urgh - that crap! We had an ad pulled over here that was put up by one of those religious 'you can get over being gay' groups. It was due to go on our buses, but thankfully got taken off.


I don't like Boris Johnson, but he got that one right.

Some of our religious lot have also started trying to do that 'hanging around outside women's clinics' thing, to try and persuade girls not to have abortions. That never used to happen, so hopefully that can be nipped in the bud. They're not getting away with it at the moment, and hopefully that will continue.

The crowds around abortion clinic here are scary. Most of my family is anti-abortion, though not in that way.

I don't know. The way that birth control has suddenly returned as a political debate here is troubling as well.
Well, my view is that I doubt that most people would choose abortion unless it was a last resort.

Some horrendous harridan tried to do that here too, but thankfully got shot down in flames, but they're still trying.
I'm just offended by the "apology". He really wants to make things right? Let's see him try to undo some of the damage he's done. Just saying sorry isn't enough.

Just for the record -- I'm a lifelong Christian, and morons like that offend me. The reason I struck out on my own is because of people who use religion as a tool of control and discrimination

It's simple -- if you don't like gay sex, don't have gay sex. That's as far as it goes, you have no right to impose on people who do like gay sex. As I told one guy recently who really annoyed me, "God meant for there to be gays, gays are part of his plan, and if you had my security clearance, you'd say the exact same thing."

God! Save me from your followers!

Sorry to rant like this, I just hate this stuff.
There are plenty of Christians who have no issue with those of us who are GLBT, who view us as you do, as part of God's plan.

I honestly think most of those Christians who ARE bigoted against us would still be bigoted against us, regardless of their religious affiliation.

And, yes, this man needs to do ore than just apologize.
Well there's one less idiot asshole
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